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Book Display Case - Basic Colors

Book Display Case - Basic Colors

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For a list of measurements based on books I own, please visit this GOOGLE SHEET!

PLEASE NOTE: I add 3mm to each direction you measure to account for 1mm of extra room and 2mm for the felt inserts. Please do NOT add additional numbers to your measurement else it will become too loose.

You just got a fancy new book, but it could use a little protection and stability. No problem! This is the perfect place to get a display case sized for your book. You get to choose the outer color from the 5 Basic DWS colors (found in FAQ)! The inner layers are made of MDF and acrylic, and lined with 1mm black felt on all sides.

This case is great for all kinds of book bindings: faux leather, linen, basic hardcovers, and more! Plus, the open acrylic design lets you enjoy the original book covers without hiding them behind a more traditional fabric or cardboard slipcase.

All you need to do is measure the book you have in millimeters (mm) and input the measurements where applicable. Be sure to measure the outer dimensions of the book! If your book is in between millimeters, round up to the nearest number. USE THE PHOTOS to know which direction is length, width, and height, and how to measure them. Max LENGTH: 200 mm. Max HEIGHT: 250 mm. Max WIDTH: 115 mm.

If you have any questions about a book size, please feel free to Contact Me!

NOTE: If you supply the incorrect dimensions, I will not be held responsible for an improper fit. I will not supply a refund or accept a return for an improper fit if I have properly made the case based on your measurements.

You will need to pay any additional import taxes and/or duties on this item. Dragon Woodshop does not have a tax collection relationship with your country or territory.

* Currently takes up to 15 business days to ship out *

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Gould
Gorgeous custom display case

Ordering was quick and easy. The case is, obviously, a perfect fit. 10/10 would recommend.


Yay! I love them, expect an order in a few weeks for the next chunk of my collection. I’ll eventually get one for each signed book. Thanks Dragon workshop 🎉


Precise dimensions, excellent materials and design.


Top quality craftsmanship!

Fits like a glove!

I have a few collectible books that have their own protective jackets/boxes, but I wanted to keep the whole thing nice. After submitting my order of three display cases, Carly contacted me to make sure I got the dimensions right and didn't increase them to give space as a tiny bit of wiggle room is already included in the manufacturing. The fact that she noticed these were odd dimensions (including the protective jackets as I did) and was kind enough to reach out to make sure the product would be the best fit possible spoke volumes about the quality of work she does and how much she cares about her customers. And when they came, I couldn't be happier!! They fit like a glove, the quality is wonderful, and they are are so, so lovely! Now my books are not just safe, but looking even more beautiful!