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Great Annual Doug Hunt - 2024 Edition!

Great Annual Doug Hunt - 2024 Edition!

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Become a Doug and be one of thousands! Only 100 badges per day*, so order your Doug Badge now and don't miss out!

Join the Doug-ship today to be part of the second Great Annual Doug Hunt where you can meet new Dougs, earn prizes, and generally have fun in this epic yearly event.

Dragon Woodshop is very excited to announce the second iteration of the Great Doug Hunt - 2024 Edition! This Hunt will happen during Dragonsteel Con 24.

You'll have to act fast to find all 25 hidden codewords on the Doug name badges amongst a sea of other Dougs doing just the same. Some Dougs may be vendors, some may be other attendees. You'll have to keep your Doug Senses sharp and get ready to Hunt!

Even if we sell all 100 Doug Badges per day, there will still only be 25 words to find. The more who join, the easier it may be to find #1 - #25!

Write the 25 words down on paper, in a digital notepad, or somewhere else that I can easily check your answers. Bring them to the Dragon Woodshop booth for verification. All participants who turn in a completed codeword list will receive an special badge ribbon. The first Doug each day to return their list receives a Top Doug hat as an additional reward!

When you pickup your Doug badge, you'll be assigned a random number and connected codeword. Each day will have a different set of 25 words to collect. Day One (December 5) will be white badges. Day Two (December 6) will be black badges. Day Three (December 7) will be tan badges. 

You will only be able to win ONE daily prize. But if you're the first person to bring back all three lists, you are the GRAND DOUG and win another prize! You MUST have all three lists to receive the Grand Doug prize.

Day One - Top Doug 2024 hat in white
Day Two - Top Doug 2024 hat in black
Day Three - Top Doug 2024 hat in tan
Grand Doug - Grand Doug water bottle & $25 Dragon Woodshop gift card

The Great Annual Doug Hunt - 2024 Edition is open for orders from May 1, 2024 - December 4, 2024. You'll pickup your Doug badge with your codeword on the day you chose to purchase at the Dragon Woodshop booth at Dragonsteel Con 24.

Each day will have a different set of codewords, color coded by the color of your badge. If you purchase all three days, you will pick up the daily corresponding badge.

1. Codeword list acceptance starts at 5 PM per day. Your list will not be accepted until after this time to allow ample opportunity for daily late-comers to get their badge and start hunting.
2. On the day of the Hunt, your Doug badge must be easily visible! Do not wear it under a jacket, inside a pack flap, under a hood, or anywhere that makes it difficult for the other Dougs to find your badge. Be ready and willing to share your codeword with any Doug who asks you for it!
3. On the day of the Hunt, please do not share your codeword unless it's face to face with another Doug! Sharing online or in any other way will make the Hunt a LOT LESS FUN. No posting to any social media sites or into Discord servers.
4. Keep careful track of your codeword list. You can physically write it down, type it into a digital notebook, or anything else that is easy to check. Each Doug will have a number associated with their codeword, so you can keep easy track of the order of the words. For example, someone will have Doug #10 and a codeword, and their codeword will be the tenth word in the list of 25.
5. Codewords must be turned in to the Dragon Woodshop booth by 8 PM each day to earn a prize.

If you have any questions, please Contact Me and I can help you out!

PLEASE NOTE: this listing is ONLY for Dragonsteel Con 2024 pickup. No physical item will be shipped. If you do not retrieve your badge you will NOT be refunded. Orders are automatically marked as fulfilled.

* If this pre-order sells out, we will consider adding more badges for purchase!

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