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Pin Display - 2" x 3" Slots

Pin Display - 2" x 3" Slots

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Need help with colors? Check the FAQ for an image guide!

It's easy to choose the pin display you want! Choose the size and color that works best for your collection. The size you pick is # tall by # wide (for example 3x7 is 3 slots tall and 7 slots wide).

The largest size display you can get through this listing is 3 slots tall by 7 slots wide. If you need something more custom, please Contact Me!

The center layer is 2mm thick stiff black felt. Each slot is 2.1" wide and 3.1" tall to fit most pin sizes and standard pin card backings! Any displays that are 3 or more slots wide will have TWO hanging holes to provide better balance.

ORGANIZATION - Each pin can often be attached to a story or memory, and becomes an important part of your collection. This simple but beautiful display frames each pin individually so they can shine in an understandable layout. And with all this easy-to-access organization, you can find a pin you want to wear for that day and put it back just as easily.

NO LOST PIN BACKS - Don't just stick your pins on a board and lose the backs in a baggie somewhere. This display allows you to put your pin in the felt and keep the back with it by affixing the clasp to the other side.

Due to their handmade nature, each display could have slight variations in wood grain, color, and appearance.

You will need to pay any additional import taxes and/or duties on this item. Dragon Woodshop does not have a tax collection relationship with your country or territory.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Love this pin display

I love displaying my pins, but I hate just sticking them into cork board. This display is perfect and lets me keep the backs with the pins. I’m still missing a few from the series, but it will fill up beautifully.

Nathan Cutler
Wonderful pin display!

I'm super happy with the red version of the pin display. Looks great and the quality is top notch. My Cosmere Series 1 pins look amazing in it. Tip to others: the rubber pin backs that come stock with the Cosmere pins fall off frequently. Buy locking pin backs to replace the stock rubber ones.

Kim Blair

Pin Display - 2" x 3" Slots


Always quick delivery and great craftsmanship

Kent M Smith
Great as always

This is the second pin display that I've purchased from Dragon Woodshop. I'm quite pleased with what I've received, the speed of shipping, and the quality of the packaging. My only issue, which is quite minor, is not knowing exactly which stain is which, but no worries there. :)